Hi, I’m Tony.

I’m a fan of interesting ideas. An even bigger fan of all the possibilities we can come up with as to where we can take those ideas.

Whether it be whimsical or modern industrial, retro or futuristic, wild and adventurous or quiet and introspective, my job is to translate thought and intent to an effective and captivating series of images or video.

Going as far back as 18 years, you’d catch me piecing together notes on the piano or doodling self-portraits, and my life since then has been essentially a quest to discover ways of putting thought to paper, sound, or sight.

For the longest time, the particular medium I would use never really mattered, quite frankly, I always thought that if I could just do them all, I would, but what’s so captivating about the medium of photography, both still and motion, is the coming together and collaboration of all these already existing elements and resources to bring to life a greater idea and alternate reality.

How, by using props, lighting, fashion, hair, make-up, and set, you can suspend the sense of reality, and for a brief moment, not be on a set with actors and crew, but rather in a world that we can, for that said moment, believe really exists.

Creativity is the ability to believe anything is possible.






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